Monday, September 9, 2019

2nd Annual Prisoner Injustice Rally at the Oklahoma State Capitol

Oklahoma prisoner Injustices, Journeys to Justice, and Shad Hagan-Criminal Justice Reform and solutions, are uniting for the 2nd Annual Prisoner Injustice rally! Tenative date Dec, 3rd 2020

It's time for ALL Oklahomans and ALL reform groups to show unity at the Capitol! If just one person per current or past inmate comes, we will overflow the Capitol...and we will be heard!

If you or your group want to be heard at the rally, send an email and include your story, name and phone number to:
or contact any of the three groups listed above! All groups are welcome to come and rally with us !!!

All three of the groups listed above can be found on Facebook.  If your group would like to join us please like or page and send us a message or send us an e-mail.

Anyone impacted whether it is a current inmate, ex-offender, rehabilitated offenders, family, friend, politician, or criminologist. Please let us know!!! Whatever the specific situation we all need to unite together!!!

More info coming soon!

Shad Hagan
Tina Goertz

Shad Hagan Criminal Justice Reform Facebook Page

Oklahoma Prisoner Injustices

Journeys to Justice

FaceBook Event

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