Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Oklahoma, can we get clean slate??


I want everyone to read this common-sense legislation.  While we have made some improvements, clean slate legislation would improve opportunity for offenders, and make the legal process much more straightforward. 

     While people think about the offender just getting released, people fail to think about the consequences of a criminal record down the road in regards to education, employment, housing, and opportunity overall. 

     Ex-offenders who can earn more money will pay more taxes and be less likely to end up back in the Criminal Justice System. Education is another critical factor in re-integration, why would we not want people to be more educated and increase their earning potential. I also believe some ex-offenders could be useful to the justice system as consultants to combat crime in different areas. 

    How can we say we want Criminal Justice Reform, however, we want to question you about your crime the rest of your life? Everyone who has engaged in criminal conduct is not "Evil." We cannot walk in another person's shoes. However, forcing people to open wounds over and over again prevents a person from healing. When do these people genuinely get to rejoin society???

Shad Hagan 

Clean Slate Bill Oklahoma lets look at doing this? Click Below

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