Saturday, April 11, 2020

Geo Group Threats for Being EXPOSED

Will these Corrections officers be held accountable?

On approximately April 8th, 2020, a photo I obtained from an inside source of a guard not wearing masks and gloves. I posted the photo on my Facebook page, "Shad Hagan-Criminal Justice Reform and Finding Solutions," and Twitter profile "@shadhagan." I believed families of inmates and the public needed to know that corrections officers were putting everyone at risk, despite what was being reported by media agencies. I put the information out for the followers of my page to be informed the staff was not wearing masks. It is quite natural that families of inmates have concerns about the safety of their loved ones under normal circumstances. We are most certainly not living in regular times!

The correctional officer Lt. Casey Pulley, called me trash and said, "You are trash and should be charged for doing this, DOC has not mandated wearing masks you moron." It is a quote, so please forgive the grammar. The Lt. was hostile after disclosing I have been in prison. The prison system does not like negative press.  He has deep-seated hate for incarcerated citizens in his care.  His wife sent me a private message to "Prepare for Count, rack up." These were the threats to myself, and I have no concern over them.

However, it exceeds his power, and it is unprofessional. I am a taxpayer, and the state pays the GEO group. I am well within my rights to speak out freely against the government or policies, including public health issues that affect public safety.

Another mother of an incarcerated child on the page had a son previously at Lawton. The guard mentioned to tell him hello. He meant this an implied threat; what is another way could it interpreted? If these staff members have this attitude with members of the public, it begs the question of how are they treating inmates?

The officers' wife even told a family member she was the best part of what dripped down her father's leg! That is disgusting! The Governor and his legislators call themselves Christians, yet do not act! Is this what we pay for as taxpayers? I have tagged lawmakers and commented on twitter, Emily and others have contacted the prison with no answers. If any other state employee did something such as this to private citizens, the result would be termination, and we are calling for the same.
I am not going to write a long article the thread and the screenshots speak for themselves.

I am sorry but threatening citizens' freedom, threatening a mother's child, and telling another family she is the best part of her father's semen that ran down her leg? The officers need to be terminated.

Please contact your legislators about these officers, they are part of the problem,

Shad Hagan
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4/11/2020 2:12 am
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