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Beyond the Box Experience in short! for me Oklahoma |State University

Felony Admissions Clearance 



          I decided this morning I would go to Oklahoma State University to retrieve all the records from my student conduct file. I wanted to know why it took so long to decide on my admission application when I previously applied. Student conduct had me complete a records request for all records.
          I was disappointed to receive only the documentation I had sent them.
  • 1.    Resume
  • 2.    A letter confirming the program I created for families to stay in Suites at the Hotel I previously worked. Created so families could sleep before driving home after watching their children perform at the University at affordable rates. The program focused on scholarship students in the Music dept and orchestra but was available to all.
  • 3.    A personal reference letter from Communications Specialist Michelle Hockersmith OSU Staff
  • 4.    A personal Reference letter from a regular guest and OSU Alumni who also had a daughter going to OSU, and I had had the pleasure of working with when I was at the Hotel.
  • 5.    A printout verification that I was an elected member of the State Board of Directors for the Central Oklahoma Action Agency.
  • 6.    An Ad where I'm named in The OSU program for their theatre dept. 
  • 7.    A screenshot of the criminal justice page I have on social media.
  • 8.    I also included a reference letter from Amanda Peyrot the case Manager for Payne County at the time for COCAA
  • 9.    I also took the time and effort to go on pacer and print every writ, vacated judgment, and my final judgment and sentence.
  • 10. I printed out my DOC Wrap sheet that is publicly available to anyone to find to expedite the process.

My last felony act occurred in 2005

My sentence was vacated in 2008 and then pled guilty to the correct charge in  2009.

I applied to college at OSU in 2019 after a decade later and after completing an associate's degree.

After reading this case study, It reminded me of my own experience with Oklahoma State University.


I just read this, and when thinking of my own experience with Oklahoma State, you would think I had every advantage over Susan.

I had a GPA qualifying me to be in the honor society.

I had worked closely with the University in my previous job.

I had faculty references

I was an advisory board member at a local non-profit agency.

I was elected to the State Board for the region of the previous agency funded partially by the state for Payne County.

On this Board, I serve alongside 4 County Commissioners and a former Oklahoma House of Representative's Members Mother. 

Did Oklahoma State University protect the Students or just prevent someone from trying to get ahead.

My duty is a board member is to oversee the Executive Director and the outcomes of programs, some of which the agency receives from the State of Oklahoma and Federal Grants. We are governed by the Open Meetings Act, and my assets are subject to disclosure upon request. I disclosed my past to the Board at the first meeting in the spirit of honesty.

I have been the General Manager of 2 Restaurants, including financial oversight.

Assistant Manager of another, including responsible for making deposits of several thousands of dollars.

Assistant Manager of a Hotel in Stillwater, working closely with Oklahoma State University.

Legal Assistant in a Federal Law Firm.

Had just finished my degree at OCCC

By the way, my crime is a financial crime for theft over a decade old.

I am just curious about what kept Oklahoma State University to keep seeking more and more information until I went elsewhere, or was that the plan all along. I guess they really saved the day, not letting me in you did a great job! Way to go protecting the University.

Whatever the reason, I applied to OSU 8/28/2019 and never received an answer, not by 9/25/2019, and in my opinion, my application would not be a tough decision.

The people were virtually non-responsive in the student conduct at OSU, and that is a shame considering the head of the Department has a background in Criminology

I applied to Langston on 9/25/2019 and admitted a week later on 10/01/2019, and as I recall, we were waiting on my transcript to arrive.

Should I have been given an opportunity? What am I doing today?

I have a 3.716 GPA, and I am a member of Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society in  Social Sciences, Alpha Phi Sigma Criminal Justice Honor Society, Phi Theta Kappa International honor society, and on the Presidents Honor roll.

I am a donor and lifetime member of the Langston University Alumni Association.

I am a donor and lifetime member of the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice.  

I care about my community and others

I made some horrible life decisions in my past, and I will tell anyone about that horrific stuff, but I usually share things like that privately. I am not the worst thing I have ever done, and neither is anyone else.

I plan to go on and obtain my masters and teach criminal justice, and if it isn't possible yet, then I will keep working toward that because I have value.


Legislators, please contact me for anything you need or want to explore that I can offer perspective or ideas. I do not care about your party. I care about solutions.

We need to find a solution to this problem, education should not be withheld because of a mistake. Studies show education reduces recidivism. 

The point is clearing me for admission was not a hard call!

Okc Fox news article after the Ok House of Representative Interim Study. 

Fox News Article-Interim Study "Criminal History Question on College Applications in Oklahoma"




Shad Hagan



  1. Sorry to hear this but so proud of your accomplishments and your drive i admire your stance you remind me of a butterfly fly on my friend

  2. So sorry this printed in all caps. I must have left the caps on. Thank you Miss Porter!

  3. Would it possible to speak with you? I have a felony due to a poor decision and have found it extremely difficult to find employment. I have a master's degree in Educ. Admin. I look forward to hearing from you. Todd...

    1. Where are you located ????? Have you thought of being a professor ? My goal is to be a professor in Criminal Justice